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Featured Listing – $60 yr

  • 60%-75% More Clicks To Your Website
  • Quality Leads & Bookings
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  • 500 Characters – Describe Your Business
  • Telephone number
  • Address & Map Link
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  • Phone number shows up on mobile devices
  • Promote your Cabin or Vacation Rental on our Facebook Page
  • Click-Thru Ad Tracking

Example Below of a Featured Listing & Blue Ridge Inquiries


Featured listings maintain their positioning unless someone above you drops out in which case your featured listing would move up.
Featured Listings Receive 60% More Click -Thrus and Bookings.
Prices are subject to change upon renewal due to traffic increases to the website.

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Blue Ridge Inquiries
Each Inquiry costs $3.00

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How Does It Work?
First you must be a Marketing Blue Ridge Client and be current in billing with us. Secondly this is setup per business on a annual contract basis. Next to your Featured Listing we place a send inquiry button that when clicked comes up with a form on a page where a visitor can directly contact you, and give you his contact information for booking a bed and breakfast, cabin rental, hotel, campground, resort vacation, wedding, and outdoor adventure depending on the website and what type of business you have. This visitor is interested in your services and wants to contact you directly. Every business that is contracted will get their own direct inquiry form to their business. This information will arrive in your email that you specify with us. This email is saved on our server under your account for tracking purposes and billing. The email can be viewed on mobile devices allowing you to click the phone number for a return call back or email link.

How Does This Help Your Business?

  • Featured listing getting traffic to your website building up Google Ranking.
  • Potential Clients can contact you directly for booking.
  • Emails are saved on the server in a database.
  • This service is creating a database of customers for your business.
  • Tracking of how many clients, daily, monthly and yearly.
  • List can be exported and developed into a newsletter. ( Extra Fee)
  • List can be exported to gain social media likes.
  • A database of customers makes your business value increase for re-sale.

After Searching Online They Want Direct Contact With A Person
Marketing Blue Ridge has developed this system due to the increase of emails we get from our large travel sites of people asking for our advice to where to go stay, and our opinion on what to do while there.

Cost of Blue Ridge Inquiries
& Requirements:

    • Must Have a Featured Listing On One of our Websites
    • Must Be Current in Billing Status with Marketing Blue Ridge
    • Pay For Only The Inquiries to Your Business
    • One Time Setup Form Fee: $50
    • Each Inquiry Costs $3.00
  • Pricing per inquiry is subject to increase annually
  • Billing is electronic email and can be paid by credit and debit card.
  • Billed in arrears at the end of each month for the previous month.
  • Billing will be prorated if service is cancelled.
  • Cancellation must be made 30 days prior to cancellation.

Additional Services:
Eblast Creation & Setup- $150
Eblast Content Writing – $125
* You can write you own Eblast and send us the info
Ad Banner on our main email newsletter $200 one time fee to 50,000 names
Business Article Feature on our main email newsletter $200 one time fee to 50,000 names

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